Baked my first ever loaf of Italian bread today! Angelo (my 12 year old son) has been on this bread kick as of late, so I’ve been buying him fresh loaves at Wegmans bakery every week. Pretty pricey, at least the way he’s been eating it. So I decided to get on Pinterest – my favorite little land of make believe – and search for Italian bread recipes. I found an easy one and gave it a go this afternoon. Like I said, this was my first time baking bread; the whole kneading thing is new to me. But it turned out great! Like omg I can’t believe I made this myself it tastes like it came from the bakery great! I would share a picture, but I still have to work on presentation.  While it tastes AMAZING, it looks a little deformed. I definitely need (knead haha) to work on forming and shaping the dough better.

For those who want to try the recipe out: Classic Italian Bread

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